MWIR Lenses for
Cooled Detectors

Standard Lenses for Commercial Focal Plane Arrays

MWIR Lenses for Cooled Detectors

MWIR 120-1200
MWIR 35 - 850
MWIR 45-560
MWIR 1x & 4X 12.3mm
MWIR 1x & 4X 22mm
MWIR 50 - 350
MWIR 200mm
MWIR 13mm, 25mm, 50mm
MWIR 200/940
MWIR Close Range Zoom
MWIR 200 Degrees
MWIR 150mm
MWIR 70/210
MWIR 280/840
MWIR 45 - 450
MWIR 50mm

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