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NEOS is an engineering and manufacturing company with the proficiencies and all the critical disciplines required to produce an innovative and quality infrared optical product. To successfully execute on the development of an innovative infrared optical system, expertise is required in optical design, opto-mechanical design, electrical design, software design, and the integration of optics, mechanics, and electronics. NEOS has built a team consisting of all these parts, and without which it would not be possible to produce state-of-the-art lens assemblies without compromise.

NEOS New England Optical Systems

New England Optical Systems is a small business which was founded in 2008 and is located in Marlborough, MA.

NEOS has worked very hard from its inception to maintain the best possible reputation, and to do business with integrity. They have proven themselves to possess very strong technical capabilities and design experience with a long history of accomplishments in infrared imaging. Many of the contacts made with NEOS are due to their reputation for state-of-the-art solutions to complex problems, and their proven track record for transitioning prototypes into production.

They are committed to establishing strong customer relationships and providing products of the highest quality. This is best accomplished by collaborating with the customer, keeping them informed, and confirming that they understand what it is we are proposing. It is quickly evident to NEOS customers that they are responsive, and are genuinely interested in your project. Customers are pleased with the personal service they receive, which is unparalleled in the industry.

NEOS is focused on complete customer satisfaction. NEOS provides its customers with a competitive advantage by supplying them with products and services that are cost effective and fully satisfy or exceed their requirements. NEOS is dedicated to continuous improvement, through input from customers and employees to implement, promote, review, and improve our quality and service.

Its founders, Greg Fitzgerald and Todd Stolberg, first worked together at Telic Optics in the early 90's, and continued to work together with Axsys Technologies (which had acquired Telic). Soon after the inception of NEOS, they enlisted Ron Stern as a third partner. Ron was one of the founding members of Telic Optics.

NEOS provides unparalleled customer service coupled with the highest quality infrared products on-time and on budget.

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